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katie keyboard's Journal

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Saturday, July 24th, 2010
11:41 pm - Once Upon A Time
I ate ten chickens once.




Sunday, May 7th, 2006
6:20 am - Never Thought It Might Come To This
If I was about to be saved from myself like no one else... like the way you assured me that everything would be OK. Like a girl before she's snatched... like a chick before it's hatched; it's like everything you promised was behind yourself how dare you, how dare I, and I am unhinged.

Not my place, not my face, obviously. I expected honestly and instead got treachery. In certain not a breach that was expected but in these days, those who pay reject it. You've got money, you've got class, you've got a lawyer covering your ass and THIS IS... NO COMMITMENT. Still this is the same as before.

It's not coincidence
Merely a trapped pretense
Things you hated an hour before
Now nothing amounts to more.

How much more betrayal do you think I will take? The dichotomy of robbery is shot to shit. How much more do you think I'll believe? Just this and you know that's it. I will never believe you again. How could you claim to be my friend? Something lost to you, was something good to me... LOST LOST LOST.

This wasn't the first time, it's happened before. Never was there a reason. Maybe you like shitting on the people that do not have things as good as you do and there it is in your apologetic face. You've got the house that you paid for on the hill. You've got the understanding and sympathetic parents, you've got the slim bodies and the cute names-- it's all the same.

My ribcage is too wide to be that kind of whore.
My face is too round to be that kind of whore.
My daddy didn't fuck me, I'm not that whore.
My seller's perspective did not leave that in store.

The only way for touch and real is the only thing you can't ever feel. Jesus Christ. I have low blood pressure and the rage of the world, you've got high blood pressure and the stresses of only one girl. The embers so close to my skin the ever subtle hint that I may give in the simple fact that my name is FINN.

If I can't have the bestowed, I bestow it on myself, if I can't have you I don't want ANYONE ELSE.


current mood: angry


Saturday, September 14th, 2002
4:23 pm - Posted 9-14-02
This exhibit is no longer open to the public.


current mood: blank

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